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As you know, May 14th 2022 was a day that forever changed the Buffalo community when a terrorist armed with a weapon and hateful intentions stormed into our community taking the lives of ten people and seriously injuring three others. The lives of the families directly impacted will forever be altered and the trauma caused to the surrounding community cannot be scaled. While we cannot bring back the lives we lost, heal the physical wounds, or erase the memory of terror that was brought into our community, we can however look to the future.  


As we approach the one-year mark of 5/14 we want to not just remember what happened on that day, but we want to prepare the community and the next generation with the knowledge, resources, and connections to allow them to create change right in their community. It is by no mistake that the East Side of Buffalo has been neglected for decades. There are communities just like the East Side all across the country. These communities and the issues they face are by design and this is why the Buffalo Black Caucus is necessary. 


The Buffalo Black Caucus was founded by 5/14 Remembrance Alliance chaired by Zeneta Everhart, a community leader and mother whose son was shot and injured by the terrorist attack at Tops on 5/14.  She hopes that the Inaugural Buffalo Black Caucus will provide the necessary resources to a community that have been left behind for too long. The Caucus will feature a host of panel discussions and roundtables on issues that greatly impact the Black community. Throughout the day there will be musical performances and lunch will also be served. This event will be free and open to the public but will require registration. Every person in attendance will receive a swag bag and t-shirt which will be designed by a local artist.

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